Frequently Asked Questions

How to use:

Selection ways How to do
Selection Left click(mouse)

The selected words can be edited by the following operations:

Operations Shortcut Kyes How to do
Move / Left click-and-dragging on the selected word
Rotate ←/→ Right click-and-dragging at the corner of the selected word
Resize ↑/↓ Scroll the mouse wheel
Delete / Click the Button ‘Delete’
Change color & font / use the submenu at the lower right of the canvas

Button functions:

Buttons Shortcut Kyes Description
Undo/Redo Ctrl + Z/Y /
Edit Ctrl + E When you need to edit the Shape Wordle , switch to edit mode
Filling Ctrl + F When you need to get a Shape Wordle with filling words , switch to Filling mode
See Boundary Ctrl + B When you need to see the boundary of shpae.
Download Ctrl + D Download a full hd image of Shpae Wordle

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